Social Events

Social Events

We have arranged a very exciting set of social activities for Cyberworlds 2014 conference delegates. Keep them in mind in order to organize your trip and schedule during the conference.

Please, find here our SOCIAL ACTIVITIES PROGRAM (in PDF format).


Some (hopefully useful) comments about our social actitivies program follow:

1. All these activities are included in the full registration fees. If, for whatever reason, you didn’t register with a full registration fees but still wish to participate in these activities, please contact our conference secretariat a.s.a.p. The same applies if you travel with relatives and you wish them to get involved in the activity. In this latter case, please ask for the “Accompanying persons” program.

2. The Gala Dinner and the Conference Tour will require a ticket each, which will be given to you during the registration process. Please, check at that time that you have both tickets along with the lunch tickets for the three days of the conference (i.e. five (5) tickets in total). All tickets have different colors, and their purpose is printed on them for easier identification.

3. Please, contact our conference secretariat in case you have any medical problem or restriction regarding the food (such as allergy to any specific product or similar), so that we can take adequate measures.