Please, find the preliminary version of the conference program (in PDF format).

In coming days, we will confirm the chairs for all sessions. Then, a new final version will be uploaded, so please, stay tuned.


Some (hopefully useful)comments about the program follow:

1. Firstly, you’ll find the schedule-at-a-glance for the conference. Then, the detailed schedule with all talks and sessions follows. The duration of talks will be 20 minutes for full papers and 15 minutes for short papers, including questions and answers. Typically, the talks are expected to last about 17-18 minutes for full papers, and about 12-13 minutes for short papers, with 2-3 minutes for Q&A in both cases.

Regarding your presentation, please:

  • Contact your session chair before your session starts. Identify yourself to help the session chair to know who are you and where you come from so that he/she can introduce you properly. The session chair names are included in the conference program.
  • If you bring your own laptop for presentation, check the connection with the beam projector to ensure everything runs properly. If you intend to use the computer at the room, please ask the technical staff for support. Preferred formats for your presentation in that computer are PDF and PowerPoint. Please, contact us in case you have any special need. Also, if you have video or other interactive material that may require codecs or other special add-ons, check it well in advance to prevent any unexpected problem or delay.
  • At each room there will be people from the organization to help you with the technical questions related to your presentation. They will be identified by the green color of their names in the badges. The other colors will be:
    black –¬† regular participant
    blue – invited speaker
    red – special session chair
  • try to fit to your time slot strictly so that next speakers have also theirs in full.

2. We have three exciting invited talks by world-class speakers. Are you going to travel and spend your hard-earned money to come here and miss them? Do a favour to yourself and enjoy them.

3. As you know, the conference will be held in the Royal Palace of La Magdalena. Some information about how to reach the place will come soon. In this PDF file, you’ll find the map of ground floor of the palace, where the conference rooms are located. Thinking on your talk, the maps and pictures of the “Riancho” and “Bringas” rooms will help you to figure out how they are and the position of seats, tables, and other furniture (for your info, the room names correspond to the family names of the original architects of the palace).

4. Coffee breaks will be served on the “Salon de Baile” (Spanish words for ballroom), where the royal family enjoyed social activities during the period 1913-1930.

5. On Monday, we will have a fast-forward presentation of posters. Each poster will be given 2 minutes for oral presentation, in addition to the poster session, scheduled for Wednesday. Posters will be allowed to be on display since Monday, thus increasing its visibility and possible interaction with other participants. Maximum poster size is 120 x 100 cm. Posters will be displayed in the “Salon de Baile”.

6. To help you find the conference venue (and also avoid delays for the registration on Monday), we have arranged a bus for you with the following schedule:

7:50 am: Pick-up at Hotel Silken Rio
7:55 am: Pick-up at Hotel Victoria
8:00-8:05 am: Arrival at the conference venue

The bus is only for Monday, as you’ll get familiar with the route for the next days.

7. We also scheduled a bus to bring you back to your hotel on Monday. The reason is to give you some extra time to get ready for the conference dinner. The bus will depart from the conference venue at 6:00 pm.

8. We will take a conference group picture on Monday, at 5:45 pm (just before taking the return bus), outside the Palace if the weather is fine, inside otherwise.

9. For the opening ceremony on Monday, we have confirmed the attendance of the city major of Santander and the rector of the University of Cantabria.

10. We wish you a safe and pleasant trip to Santander.